Quadriptych four panel painting

Stuart Wright

Seasons, is a quadriptych four panel painting which i designed based on my love of nature and the changing seasons, with cute birds to give the piece charm and life.

 It was designed as a quadriptych four panel painting in 2021 on 1cm thick canvas , with backgrounds of pink, brown, blue and green , and a central tree of life passing through all canvases to give it a sense of connection between the seasons. 

 brown four panel painting quadriptych

 A close up of one of the panels ,in brown acrylic with red leaves, more detailed photos can be seen here 

 The cute birds were added at the end to give the piece life

close up of a bird

Some examples of how the painting will look in a living space

four panel painting quadriptych

 four panel painting quadriptych with birds

You can also see a video for this painting by clicking below 


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