"Golden Hour" abstract painting tutorial acrylic painting techniques

Stuart Wright

This colourful painting was created in early april 2024, using acrylic paints on a 16 x 20 inch canvas
colourful paintings landscape

Basic colours are added to the background of the 16 x 20 inch canvas, cobalt blue, hot pink and light pink, the beautiful painting colours are then blended using a 5cm/2inch wide brush, i find this best to blend colours.


colourful paintings cloud landscape

Clouds are then added using a medium round brush and orange/yellow paint, as you can see on my art table, I mix the paint on some scrap paper.

colourful landscape paintings

The medium brush used to add the bright orange clouds,  i also used my fingers to help blend the clouds. 

colourful landscape paintings

 A photo of the colourful painting half way finished

beautiful paintings

At this point masking is used, I could of done it freehand, but sometimes I like to do something a bit more precisely, so a circle of card is used on the canvas as a mask to create the circle of the moon.

beautiful paintings

Masking tape is then used to create the lower grass area, you can see the strip of masking tape at the bottom of the image.

colourful landscape paintings

The grass is added using a medium round brush again, using a medium sap green colour, using an upward motion.

colourful landscape paintings in acrylic

Flowers are added, first daisy's using white paint, which is allowed to dry then I added spots of yellow in the middle, to give them a daisy look, then red tulips are added, with black stems.

colourful landscape paintings on canvas

The Finished colourful painting , shown at an angle on my art table.

This art is for sale and can be seen here 


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