Welcome to WrightSonArts, original abstract art uk

Welcome to my latest webpage, here you will find art of all shapes and sizes, from animal wall art to canvas triptych paintings available in various sizes

Here you will find original abstract art from the uk , specifically from my art studio in the England.

I was 16 when I began painting, it was in gouache and I loved it, but it wasn't till I was 35 in 2005, when I`d split with my girlfriend that I began to sell online, my first sale was on Ebay, and I sold a few paintings the first time I tried, which was a surprise to me ! back then Ebay was a good place to sell, I still sell on there , but most artists dont seem to now, preferring the likes of Etsy and Artfinder , I do like to sell on those places too, but they take a lot of commission fees.

My paintings are a little different that most peoples, mostly I sell paintings with a mixed medium of plaster and acrylic paint, I find it helps me to create texture and depth and I prefer the way the finished result looks

Many people have bought my abstract canvas paintings online, buying my extra large wall art for living room, office and nursery, I have sold to about 12 different countries in the last 15 years, but mostly to usa and uk, buying oversized original abstract art from the uk can be a good experience
Each painting is wrapped in bubble wrap, then sent in a tough cardboard box, made by amc direct, these are tougher than amazon boxes. of course returns are accepted within 14 days, please use the original packaging. 

I do also specialise in triptych paintings aka multi panel art, this is set of three paintings, that create a whole, I originally started using this as stacking them together would save on postage when posting abroad, the triptych work is what I`m mostly known for. I have sold to them a dozen countries now. I have also written an article on triptych painting which can be seen here

The word triptych (pronounced trip-tick) had its origins in the Greek 'triptykhos' meaning "three-layered." It is, quite literally, a set of three pictures or objects that is made into three parts. Other lesser known formats are, adiptych with two panels, aquadtych having four panels, and apolyptych with five or more panels.

I suppose the work has made me have a love for Landscapes , I am always watching clouds when I`m out, and photographing sunrises and sunsets with my Drone. I also enjoy photographing nature, using a sony rx10 for close ups of animals and birds.

Recently I have become more interested in youtube I`m liking videoing my work and then editing it on my Ipad or Iphone its still in its infancy really, but I like to put my work on youtube.

Some new prints have been added to the site and can be found here, featuring elephant wall art and birds on a wire prints.


Reviews from past customers some with images they took of my work on their walls.

John Robinson "Great service delivered promptly and looks just as advertised will look well on our dark navy blue wall. Many thanks"