Elephant wall art and history, Animal Wall Art Ideas For Your Home

Stuart Wright

Elephant wall art and history, Animal Wall Art Ideas For Your Home

The elephant with its huge size and gentle nature is quite simply the largest land animal in the world, though it doesn't quite compare to the oceans Antarctic blue whale, whose tongues alone can weigh as much as an elephant.

While most people are aware of the great size of elephants, seeing them up close and personally is an amazing experience. Seeing real life elephants is usually achieved by a day trip to the zoo, and most animal lovers must rely on a photograph or painting to bring to mind the grandness of this elegant but gentle beast.

Elephants can easily be recognised by their large ears, wrinkly bodies, long tusks and trunks . Tusk size varies and they use their tusks for many things, digging, lifting logs, gathering food, stripping bark, sparring with fellow elephants, so as you can see they are inventive and intelligent animals !

wide large elephant wall art

A turquoise and white example of elephant wall art ,in acrylic and mixed medium. An original abstract painting from a uk artist Stuart Wright

Elephants are hallowed creatures for cultures such as Hindu, and elephant art appears in many old world cultures of these great animals natural homes.. Adding elephant wall art, such as a large print, to your home office or nursery is almost as nice as having your own elephant !

 Elephants have been a symbol of wisdom and strength for many cultures , especially Buddhist , this gentle giant is known for great parenting skills. But they are also playful and affectionate, great traits for an animal their size. 


 elephant wall art

Male elephants are called bulls, and female calves, a group of elephants? a herd.

There are three species: the African elephant, whose largest population is in south and eastern Africa, African elephants are estimated to be 415,000.

And the forest elephant whose home is in the rain forests of Africa .. Scientists decided to make the forest elephant a separate species in the 2002 based on genetic differences  

And the Asian elephant, who inhabits dry to wet forest and grassland habitats in 13 range countries spanning South and Southeast Asia. The WWF estimates that there are only between 34,000 and 51,000 Asian elephants worldwide

Elephants wander up to 30 miles a day in the wild, this is mostly walking , though they can almost run, but not quite !

The lovable elephant appears in various religous traditions and mythologies. They are treated in a positive manner and are sometimes revered as deities, usually symbolising strength and wisdom. Similarly, the African elephant is seen as the wise elder who honorably settles disputes among the forest creatures in African fables.

elephants on a sunset wall art

Elephants at sunset on the sudan.

 We have a wide selection of artwork available that includes paintings and prints of a variety of elephants.

The Hindu cosmology of ancient India believe the earth is supported and defended by mythical giant world elephants eight of them supporting the earths weight.

8 elephants supporting the world

 Hindu elephants supporting the world.

In Buddhist beliefs, the elephant has an association with Queen Māyā of Sakya, the mother of Gautama Buddha. She had a vivid dream featuring a white elephant during her pregnancy .
The royal sages believed this meant the child had a destiny of greatness and would be a universal Buddha.

Also in Thailand white elephants  ,aka pink elephants, are a sacred animal and a symbol of royal power and authority, all those found are presented to the king.

A white elephant

 A White Elephant.

 Elephants are sometimes referred to as "pachyderms" meaning "thick skinned"

There were more than 250 elephant like creatures in the past.
Ancestors of elephants include the “Moeritherum” (a pig-like animal that lived 40 million to 30 million years ago), the “Piomia” (a pig-like animal with a long snout that lived 37 million to 28 million years ago).

 elephants on yellow sunset wall art

yellow sunset elephants on wall art canvas

 A hand painted elephant artwork in yellow and blue, wide and beautiful. see more photos click here 

Asians value the intelligence and great memory of Asian elephants, they symbolize royal power and wisdom.

 Elephants are truly amazing creatures, and with elephant artwork you can let these magical and mysterious creatures can take a place in your home , work or nursery.


canvas triptych rainbow sunset elephant wall art

On television , Nellie the Elephant is a uk cartoon from 1990 , inspired by the 1950`s tune of the same name, it was a hit by lulu voicing Nelly.    
There was also a series of books "Mumfie" by katherine tozers series of childrens books.that became a popular cartoon series , featuring a white talking elephant !


grey and orange moon elephant art

grey elephant on blue wall art
A large grey elephant painting on a blue wall ,ideal for home and office or nursery

In central london , England, there is an area called "Elephant and Castle" , and also the name of a london underground station.

since 1989 Welephant is a red elephant cartoon character with a fireman's helmet, and the mascot for the Children's Burn Trust. He was originally a mascot for fire brigades in the uk, to promote fire safety for children

Elephants are an established keystone species, which means an ecosystem greatly depends on them and would be changed beyond recognition or even destroyed if they were removed

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