Videos of triptych paintings on canvas

Stuart Wright

A collection of triptych paintings on canvas in video format, with descriptions and my thoughts on their creation.....from my Youtube channel. 


Birds on a wire painting , this video highlights the details and colours of my print " Birds on a Wire " which I created on the ipad, using procreate. more photos click here


Clouds of colour, a painting I designed a few year ago , I dont paint many landscape triptychs on canvas, but this one has proved popular , more photos here.


Seasons, a 4 panel painting, a quadriptych, each panel represents one of the four seasons, available in 3 sizes. more photos click here



Copper tree painting, a white textured background is created then colours of brown and copper are overlaid on top of each other, to create a unique pattern, then to finalize the piece an abstract tree painting is added in the foreground, more photos here

elephant wall painting video, these elephant were based on previous elephant paintings which were then experimented with and manipulated using the ipad, using clouds and trees and cute owls, more photos click here


A bright and beautiful abstract tree painting with lots of gold and fine lines of detail, more photos here 

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