10 examples of canvas triptych paintings for your home ,office and nursery

Stuart Wright

This article gives a broad range of extra large triptych painting examples for living rooms, nurseries and offices, the wall art has links to pages where it is available

The living room is usually the focal point of the home. It is where you and your friends gather to tell funny stories or watch a movie or where you and your family sit and talk about your lives together.

People love to make their living room cosy and warm, but sometimes its hard to choose how to decorate it, whether its furniture or a color palette or the wall decor.

The living room is the best place to show your artistic side, the side thats about good looking art, paintings and aesthetics . The art on your living room wall can say a lot about you to the visitors of your home

original abstract art uk in 3 panel canvas triptych style
A blue living space , with a white door, a simple room, with red paintings on the wall, which give it a warmer more modern feel, the gold lines giving it a brightness.
canvas triptych painting in yellow on a grey wall
 A living room with a green sofa and orange cushions , with a grey wall, the yellow paintings brighten up the room considerably, giving it a more cheerful feel
canvas triptych Extra Large Wall Art for Living Room
A modern living space, with abstract vases, and white walls, made to look grounded with 3 abstract canvas paintings in a triptych style.  The copper and brown colours complementing each other.
elephant wall art in canvas triptych style
A childs nursery complete with crib and monkey and bear friends on a chair, with a grey wall bought to life by elephants of the Sudan on a turquoise and white background.
gold painting Extra Large Wall Art for Living Room canvas triptych
A wooden floored living room with modern lamps and vases, and a grey sofa, bought to life by a gold abstract wall art painting , with impasto effects.
canvas triptych nursery painting
A nursery and childs crib complete with toys and pillows and a floral carpet
This white walled sunlit room is bought to life by 3 beautiful hand made triptych heart paintings on canvas, in yellow red and blue acrylic paint.

canvas triptych on living room wall extra large art
This warm and modern living room with wide dark cream sofa and high ceilings , and lavish thick flooring, is given life by the pink and grey toned 3 panel painting
abstract tree painting in a canvas triptych style
A grey walled living room with beautiful wooden floors ,modern vases ,artistic lighting  and a modern sofa, and a 3 panel canvas triptych of a large abstract tree painting , with turquoise and white background.
canvas triptych Extra Large Wall Art for Living Room
Another living room with rustic sofa and glass table, with white walls and grey rug, enhanced by a triptych canvas of gold silver and blue, oversized metal wall art .
abstract tree painting nursery triptych original abstract art uk
A childs nursery in grey metallic tones, with matching chair and yellow acents with a grey wall, and copper painting in 3 panels, depicting a copper and cream background with abstract tree painting the foreground

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