A week in the life of an abstract painter ... oversized metal wall art paintings

Stuart Wright

Welcome to my new blog,  I`m a painter of canvas triptychs and large scale art from the middle of England. Mainly I paint what I call textured paintings, though I think most would call it an impasto  effect, with trees and abstracts being my main themes, I also have an interest in Rothko , Patrick Woodroffe, constable , Klimt , Mark Spain, and George Perez.(the dc artist!), I collected DC comics as a teenager, which is what grew my love of art.
I hadn`t thought of writing a week in my life as an artist until now, mostly people commission my work online, I usually do the background work at the weekend, using a special type of plaster, then when its dry i paint it twice, then further details are added over a few days in acrylic, then finally the foreground is added, which in the example below a silver and gold abstract effect

This week I had 3 paintings to create, all triptychs , the first was Colour Infusion 5, a metallic and blue painting , which I designed in 2019.

canvas triptych painting colour infusion 5

First the background was painted silver ,titled, "Colour Infusion 5"   I had to use hammerite paint for this, as daler rowney (acrylic paint manufacturer in England) stopped making it.  it smells quite bad !  Then when this layer was dry , the blue was painted, it was painted in such a way that the brush was gently brushed across the surface so only the upper parts of the plaster where painted, also different shades of Prussian blue were used.  I use a lot of pressure changes with the brush to get the effects i want. It was a flat brush , about 3 inches wide. Then a day later the gold was added, using the same technique.   Finally the edges were painted black then it was allowed to dry.

Painting number Two.  

Silver Sentiment canvas triptych painting for sale

canvas triptych wall art silver painting

silver metal wall art

As you can see this is a pretty striking silver effect, its done using cloths scrunched and manipulated into plaster, a bit hard to explain ! but the key to making it look like it has depth is the 2 coats of black paint, then when dry silver is added gently and layers built up .


The third painting this week is Silver Triptych painting, " Silver Triptych 2 " this has been a more popular item. Again its a silver background on plaster with accents of blue.


oversized metal wall art silver blue canvas triptych




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