Red Noise a four panel painting , in quadriptych style

Stuart Wright

Red Noise is a 4 panel painting in bright red and black with a hint of white, an original abstract art 4 piece from uk artist Stuart Wright.

My original idea for the design was a three piece painting called " buttercup chaos " which i designed 10 years ago, in golden yellow and black with a hint of red. see below image

buttercup triptych painting

This design led on to 4 piece painting in black and white " White Noise " see below photo, this was quite hard to paint and I used a bottle of diluted white paint with a nib on to create the wide curves and lines going between the four canvases.  As you can see it gives quite a dramatic effect, background is in black acrylic the lines in white with a touch of red.


four panel painting in black and white


This again led me on to similar designs and finally " Red Noise "  this four panel painting in a wide format with a background of cadmium red , and foreground of dramatic black lines and a touch of white, is the latest in this style of paintings. I sold it to japan in 2022, because of the amount of black paint used it takes at least a few days to dry properly, wide sweeping motions are used to create the black flowing lines using a bottle of custom made black acrylic in a bottle with a nib, this also obviously needs space to create, and can be quite messy in my art studio !

red noise four panel painting original abstract art uk
A close up of the painting 

red noise 4 panel close up art


I also made a video to promote the painting, it was experiment to show off this  vibrant piece  i wanted to make something dramatic and used bright lettering and punchy music to give it a dramatic feel 

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