Canvas Sizes

Canvases come in all shapes and sizes , here is a guide to standard canvas sizes that I sell on this website.
Sizes are given in centimeters and Inches , and I have an easy to use conversion tool.
If you are wanting a commission an original abstract or landscape painting and have a wall space , area or alcove that needs a specific sized canvas that is unusual I can supply a bespoke painting to exact measurements.

< paintings in alcoves x 2>

Things to remember, when choosing a canvas size ,will the painting be hung in a specific place?  above a sofa, bed or some furniture?

Do you want to make an impact with the painting and require significant size?
what are the sizes of other artwork in the room? will you be moving them in the future? 

Here is a handy idea , cut out a large sheet of paper the same size as the painting you want to purchase and use blue tac to put it on the wall, this will give some idea of how the artwork will measure up.

<scale from small to big images on wall>


Rectangular , square, and panoramic canvases are available in a variety of sizes.