turquoise abstract painting textured artwork
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turquoise abstract painting original abstract art uk " Turquoise Trance " canvas triptych

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turquoise abstract painting

The original triptych large wall art paintings for sale "  Shades of Turquoise "

-painted in shades of turquoise , this painting has lots of thick texture.
-Media: Acrylic Support: Canvas (Stretched) on Wood Frame 

Four large sizes available

48 x 20 , 3 canvases each 16 x 20" 
54 x 24 Inches 3 canvases each 18 x 24" 
60 x 28 inches 3 canvases each 20 x 28 inches 
72 x 36 each canvas is 24 x 36 

please select size for latest prices

48 x 20 "version available to buy now, other sizes are commission piece 1-2 weeks until completion*

-Media: Acrylic Support: Canvas (Stretched) on Wood Frame
- Painting Can Hang Vertical or Horizontal.
- No Framing Is Required.
-Artist: Stuart Wright
-Media: Acrylic Support: Canvas (Stretched) on Wood Frame
-hand signed on the back
- not a poster , handmade & hand painted
- art gallery represented artist - best quality paint is used for more photos please see http://www.wrightsonarts.com

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