whimsical painting owl and the pussycat
whimsical painting owl
whimsical painting owl cat
owl cat whimsical painting

cute owl art tree abstract whimsical painting

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cute owl art, Landscape Paintings for Sale
Name of Painting: The Owl Squad Three Sizes , owl canvas wall art whimsical painting

available 16 x 20" 
18 x 24" 
20 x 28"
36 x 24 "
30 x 40 " 

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Colors: Shades of blue, black
Artist: Stuart Wright

***********Please note custom painting 1-2 weeks until completion********

Stretched panel Canvas Description: Many layers of textured Professional Grade Acrylic THIS IS NOT A PRINT. Support: Canvas is secured and stretched neatly on wood stretcher bars. Ready to Hang. Signed: Signed and dated on back About the Painting: The Painting is ORIGINAL and BRAND NEW ARTWORK The painting has come straight from the artist's studio and is signed and dated ~~Your art will be shipped recorded trackable delivery, professionally packed with protective bubble wrap and wrapped in cardboard. ~~I have sold many of my original paintings on ebay & have also done commisions & sold to banks, showrooms etc...so you can buy with confidence. ~~Thank you for looking! Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. wrightsonarts@gmail.com


In a whimsical world where the moonlit sea, The Owl and the Pussycat danced in glee. Their lyrics told a tale, a charming spree, Owl and Pussycat, a duo forever free.

With feathers and fur, they set sail, The Owl's wise gaze, the Pussycat's tail. Lyrics of love, a sweet serenade, In their little boat, an escapade.

"Owl and the Pussycat" sang a lullaby, Lyrics of joy, beneath the starry sky. Ten times the charm, keywords unite, A poetic dance, under the moon's soft light.

Owl's hoot, Pussycat's purr, Lyrics that endure, a melody to transfer. In a pea-green boat, a voyage embarked, Tenfold the enchantment, their lyrics sparked.

So, dance along with Owl and Cat, Lyrics that echo, where dreams are at. A whimsical journey, a poetic duet, Keywords entwined, a lyrical quartet.