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  • The original triptych paintings for sale “Grey Matter” modern art abstracts


    The original triptych art for sale “Grey Matter” large canvas art

    A background of shades of grey and white, , then a foreground of black paint skillfully painted across all 3 canvases , complete this hand painted triptych original artwork

    Painted in shades of black, grey & white. with a hint of red

    3 sizes available small 27 x 12″ (each canvas is 9×12″), medium 48 x 20 (each canvas is 16 x 20″), large 54 x 24″ (each canvas is 18 x 24″)

    The 48 x 20 ” is available to buy now, the other sizes are commission pieces and will take 7-10 days to complete.



    3 piece canvas art, large canvas art, triptych art handmade on canvas

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    Weight 2 kg

    extra large, large, medium, small


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