triptych painting Art and Soul 2 gold blue metal artwork triptych canvas art


Art and Soul 2, blue edition  3 piece canvas art, triptych art wall hanging in blue gold, grey and a touch of red.
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small 27 x 12 ” – 3 canvases each 9 x 12 ”  $109 usd
med 48 x 20″ – 3 canvases each is 16 x 20″   $149 usd
large 54 x 24″ – 3 canvases each is 18 x 24″    $259
larger 60 x 28″ – 3 canvases each is 20 x 28″  $329
extra large 72 x 36″ – each canvas is 24 x 36″  $519 (this size is on deluxe 1.5 inch canvas)

Commission piece , taking 1-2 weeks to complete.



Art and Soul 2 is a triptych painting. Clours used are blue grey and red with a golden spiral effect metal artwork passing through the 3 panel wall art. It was originally designed as a client wanted something differant from me. They were pleased with the finished piece.
The piece is created from 3 panel wall art canvas. A set of 3 panels the background is painted first in blue grey and red. This takes about a day then the lines of gold are skillyfully added.

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extra large, large, larger, medium, small


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