copper art triptych painting ” Copper Tones “metal artwork 3 panel wall art


Copper triptych 3 panel piece canvas art, triptych art wall hanging
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This set of paintings is available in 5 sizes

small 27 x 12 ” – 3 canvases each 9 x 12 ”  $109 usd
med 48 x 20″ – 3 canvases each is 16 x 20″   $149 usd    (available to buy now)
large 54 x 24″ – 3 canvases each is 18 x 24″    $259
larger 60 x 28″ – 3 canvases each is 20 x 28″  $329
extra large 72 x 36″ – each canvas is 24 x 36″  $519 (this size is on deluxe 1.5 inch canvas)

Paintings come in a custom made box, stronger than amazon etc. And paintings are fully trackable.

*This is a commission piece 1-2 weeks until completion*





Copper art Triptych painting wall art for home or office, this painting ” Copper Tones ” will give a modern feel to any room, large or small !
I have loved metallic art for many years , this painting came about after many years and many hours of experimenting with impasto effects and metal paint artwork techniques!
I would class it as elegant and beautiful, I have sold this design 6 times in the last 2 months , to scotland, england and the usa.  It is shipped in a custom made sturdy box.
This triptych painting will last a long time ,it uses long lasting daler rowney paint and wont fade over time. This metal artwork can only be bought here,its my design.  I have long been invested in 3 panel wall art , you can see my work easily by searching on google for triptych art my latest work can be seen on facebook.    I am very proud of giving a good product to people at a decent price !

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extra large, large, larger, medium, small


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